The teaching staff and the experts in „Projects, Innovations and business relations“ office in the VU B.V. has extensive experience in the preparation and implementation of various educational, technological, research and scientific projects.

The University has established partnerships with a number of private and public bodies at national level and international level, representatives from the business sector and foreign universities.

The high professionalism, combined with individual approach to each client and partner, ensures maximum preparation of quality projects and optimization of financial grants in order to assure sustainable long-term results.

Project management is a package of: principles, practices and techniques that apply to the conduction of the „Project“ team; control of the schedule of the project proposal; the price; Foreseeing the risks, in order to achieve effective results;

VU B.V. provides expert support at several stages:

  • Preliminary analysis – an analysis of the client activities and the initial project idea, gathering information and preparing the feasibility study (if necessary) to clarify the specific project objectives and expected results;
  • Preparation of project proposal – preparation of all project documentation as required by the Contracting Agency (business plan, application form, budget, logical framework and all the necessary applications and justifications);
  • Project Management – providing technical and administrative assistance to the client during project implementation, as required by the funding program (preparation of tender documentation, preparation of technical and financial reports on the program, preparation of documents for filing of advances, interim and final payments on the project, etc.).

Additional information can be obtained in: „Projects, innovation and business relations“ office in Venlo University:

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